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"The elevators at my rental property were getting very scratched up and tarnished. Shineguard was able to make them look like new! Thank you to the team at Shineguard for restoring the finish on the elevators so quickly."

"Thank you to Shineguard for restoring the finishes on the exteriors and interiors of the stainless steel elevators! Thanks to Shineguard, we were able to continue to use our elevators and avoid the expensive purchase of new elevators."

"I hired Shineguard to restore the brass window and door trim. They made the brass look like new! It completely transformed the look of my building. I was also very impressed that they offer a one-year warranty against oxidization and discolouration. I would highly recommend Shineguard!"

"I almost cried when my toddler took my keys and scratched all of my brand-new stainless steel appliances! I called Shineguard to see if they could help. They were amazing! They were quick and professional and were able to remove all of my toddler’s artwork. I would recommend Shineguard to anyone who wants to restore their stainless steel appliances."

"Shineguard did an amazing sign restoring the signage outside of my business. They were able to restore the brass sign without having to dismantle it. I was worried that they might not be able to restore the sign because it’s textured, but they did an amazing job!"

"After 10 years of running a barber shop, the cutting chairs in the styling stations were looking very worn! Shineguard was able to restore the stainless steel surfaces. I was also very pleased that their treatment protects surfaces and makes them very easy to maintain."

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