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Brass Restoration

Vancouver Brass Restoration and Bronze Restoration

We were the first to develop and introduce a brass and bronze restoration and protection process, eliminating the need for constant and costly hand polishing. While architectural metal is resilient, it is also vulnerable to the damaging effects of the environment and daily use. Unfortunately, nature takes a toll on all metals. Modern environmental hazards such as air pollution and acid rain have created new challenges to maintaining metal surfaces. Left untreated, damaged and neglected metal is not only a major expense to treat and repair, but also an ‘eyesore’ that lowers property values.

We do:

Shineguard offers a complete repair and refinishing service to restore all your brass and bronze surfaces to original factory condition through our proven methods and techniques. This service includes removing existing finishes and damage, restoring base metal to original luster, brass polishing, and applying the Shineguard finish to seal and protect your surfaces. Shineguard is able to restore both brushed and mirror brass finishes to their original condition.

Our projects come with a full one year warranty against oxidation and discoloration. Shineguard protected surfaces are easily maintained by wiping with a soft damp cloth, then dry cloth, to remove dirt, dust and fingerprints. All work is completed on site without costly dismantling. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Shineguard is equally effective on polished or textured brass surfaces including:

  • Elevator Interiors (Doors, Frames, Returns, Control Panels, Headers & Handrails) & Elevator Exteriors (Doors, Frames, Call Stations, Floor Indicator Plates)
  • Signage, Lettering, Plaques
  • Architectural Features, Sculptures & Fountains
  • Framed Doors & Handles
  • Push & Kick Plates
  • Window & Door Trim
  • Hand Railings
  • Fire Hose Connections
  • Flag & Banner Poles
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Display Stands
  • Waste Baskets
  • Buffet Areas
  • And many more!

Please see below for some photos of our projects.

This is the before image of a brass restoration job. This is the after image of a before and after brass restoration job.
This slider shows the stark and striking before and after images of a brass repair and restoration.

We can restore any finish to brass incluiding: Brushed, Cambridge and Mirrored.

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