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Shineguard is a metal restoration company that specializes in restoring elevator interiors and exteriors, as well as most other products that are made of brass, bronze or stainless steel, such as:

  • door hardware,
  • signage,
  • window & door trim,
  • handrails,
  • and architectural features.

Shineguard is a unique company because it is able to accomplish all of the work on site, without costly dismantling of the elevator or other features being restored. In addition, most of the work is completed at night, thereby eliminating any inconvenience to owners, tenants, or guests and allowing the work to proceed quickly and without interruption.

After the metal has been refinished and restored to factory condition, it is treated with a product that has been specifically designed to bond with the copper found in the base metal. This eliminates the need for any polishing and is guaranteed for 1 full year. However, many of our projects remain maintenance free for many years. Maintenance is reduced to simply wiping with a soft damp cloth and then drying.

Yes, all work completed by Shineguard is fully guaranteed against oxidation and discoloration for ONE FULL YEAR.

Almost all damaged surfaces, including graffiti and scratch damage, can be restored to factory condition.

Shineguard has been in the metal restoration business since 1975. Our dedicated, experienced professionals have undertaken tens of thousands of metal restoration projects throughout Western Canada.

There are many benefits to having a building or property maintained to a high standard that will be appreciated by all who come in contact with it. Leasing or selling a property is easier when the premises are well maintained. This also helps retain current tenants, making turnover less of a problem. There is a great labour (and subsequent dollar) savings by not having to constantly clean and polish surfaces to maintain the finish. Removing graffiti or vandalism will avoid the costly endeavor of replacing metal surfaces.

All finishes will eventually wear down. Weather and everyday wear and tear are just a few reasons a finish will break down, not to mention vandalism. Once a feature has been restored, Shineguard will advise you of the proper everyday care procedure you should follow. This will allow for better appearance for a longer time.

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